Grim Beginnings


John was a 25 year-old Janitor turned Professional Gamer. He was good, so go in fact, that he attracted the attention of an imprisoned undead magical beast in a different world. Summoned to another place full of magic and wonder, John was given a choice, inherit the beast's power and work to free it or die...

Accepting the undead creature's power and a second chance at life, John was given the new name Grim. As a new man with the ability to use Death Magic, Grim sets off into the world called the Ashen Plane. Join him as he befriends a mutated orc, fights an army of gnolls, and works to free his patron in Book I of the LitRPG Series of the Ashen Plane: Grim Beginnings.

I chose this book being a bit skeptical about a new genre. I play D&D even though I'm in my 30s so I was familiar with the concept of LitRPG. However I did not anticipate reading for 5 hours straight and completely binging this book. It is now 6:30 in the morning and I am finally going to bed. Thank you this book was awesome. I can't wait for the next one!!

ligaya on Amazon US


A new take on orcs, with great characters, world building and adventuring, skill growth and not too ‘crunchy’ if you know what I mean! Great fun!

jeremy cajiao on Amazon UK



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